Need a decision tree for the following information:

I choose the P-O-L-C decision modelling, i.e. Planning, Organizing, Leading and Controlling.

Planning would include: Vision & Mission; Strategizing & Goals and Objectives

Organizing means Design; Culture; and Social Networks

Leading includes decision making; Communications; Motivation;

Controlling includes Systems / Processes; Strategic Human Resources.

Now we want to implement this model in our daily activity. My office is at a distance of 1 hour from my home.

Decision to be made is on how to commute, mode of transport, time of leaving house etc.

Planning would require to assess the exact time required for me to reach office with traffic and without traffic. Will it be beneficial for me to drive to my office or take a public transport or prefer car pool mechanism?

Organizing would be to find out whether any person from my neighborhood travels to the same place/ office.

Leading would be to decide on things which were contemplative at planning stage.

Finally the last stage would be implementing the decisions taken and following it diligently so that the daily task of commuting to office does not become a burden in the sense that I need to ponder each day about how to do it, what is the best time to do etc.

Create a decision tree for the scenario you outlined in above.  Attach the decision tree to your response and include insights in crafting the decision tree. How would you apply your experience to larger-scale decisions at an organizational level?

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