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To apply your knowledge of how public health practitioners can use health data to inform public health practice your first assignment will be use a tool to identify risk conditions that run a family. To complete this assignment you will need to create a family health portrait to determine the potential risk factors for diseases. Ideally, you will need to have at least three generations of information. I am including a link to the CDC that provides a tool that consumers and health practitioners can use to collect such data. Click here: CDC My Family Health Portrait (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. to access the tool that can be used to collect your family data. (If you do not wish to use your personal family information, make up a family. The goal of the assignment is to have you learn how to use this tool and analyze the findings to inform practice). Creating the family health portrait will take about 15 – 20 minutes using this tool.

Once you have completed your family portrait you want to use other databases to investigate disease traits that have been identified in your family. For example, using a keyword search in some of the databases discussed in the lectures, i.e OMIM, NCBI, NIH, CDC, FDA to investigate what types of information can be found.

1. What does your family look like? describe your family traits.

2. Investigate the prevalence of this disease in the US. What do the data show?

3. Identify the web pages within the NIH/CDC/FDA that you found most helpful and share your thoughts on why.

4. What, if any information did you find at the FDA site, about drugs that can be used to treat this condition. Discuss availability, drug side effects and cost?

5. Give examples of the information available on the CDC website of public health interventions that can be used to prevent this disease and promote better health.

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