Geology 210: Homework #7 and #8: Earthquake Kit list and Emergency Map

Homework #7

Additionally, you will create a list of materials that you plan to put into your emergency earthquake kit. You will take a photo of all the items you put together and attach it to your final assignment. You do not need to go out and purchase any items. You can just gather whatever you have at home now.

Homework #8

You will neatly create an emergency map of your house/apartment/condo/mansion etc. (NO COMPUTER DRAWINGS! PLEASE HAND DRAW).


-A key (what color are the windows? What color represents the doors? Etc.)

-Doors and exits


-Arrows displaying fastest route to an exit.

-Locations where gas could escape (stoves, water heater, drying machine etc.)

-Fire extinguisher

-Stairs (If applicable)

-A meeting location

-The location of your emergency kit

-A North arrow

-Labels (Bathroom, kitchen, bedroom etc.)

-Smoke Detectors

Please create this emergency map very neatly. Use a ruler to draw your lines. Color coat your emergency map.

I will NOT accept any messy emergency maps (very poorly drawn lines, no colors, obvious you spent 5 minutes on it).


This is an example of what a emergency map looks like.

Be Creative!!

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