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Case Study 1 The purpose of this case study activity is to enhance your learning in the course by exposing you to a real-world business scenario. You will be asked to use key principles learned in the course as well as critical thinking skills to make speci?c decisions and to recommend a course of action in each scenario. A case study is a scenario that requires you to use your judgment and your knowledge of key principles and concepts learned in the course to make a management-level decision or recommendation. Please, write your assignment in Microsoft Word. After you have completed your work on the assignment, save the document in the following format: “YOUR NAME – CASE STUDY 1”. Submit the assignment document to the correct location in the course. Your instructor will retrieve the ?le you have submitted, grade your work and save your grade in the course gradebook. Keep in mind that you must submit your work by the deadline speci?ed in the course. Late submissions will NOT be accepted. Strategy Memo In this simulation, you are assigned the role of Senior Vice President for Marketing at Enhanced Analytics, Inc., a provider of marketing and consulting services, with headquarters in Austin, Texas. In this role, you report directly to the CEO of the company and are responsible for decision-making and marketing strategy. You oversee a department with 25 employees at the company. The CEO of the company has informed you at the weekly executive meeting that Premier Drinks of So?a, Bulgaria – a key client of Enhanced Analytics, Inc. – has reported a drop in sales, despite an expensive and carefully managed marketing campaign produced by your department. The management of Premier Drinks reports increased competition in the soft drink market in Bulgaria. Two companies – one from Poland and one from Germany – have recently established operations in the country. You were already aware of the trends in the local competitive environment from the periodic reports received from your campaign manager in Bulgaria. You have also studied the marketing efforts of some of your client’s competitors and continue to believe that your campaign, particularly the promotional and pricing strategy adopted, is superior. The managers of Premier Drinks suspect that their local competitors have made payments to some of the local of?cials in exchange for an opportunity to sell their products in local government buildings and at sporting events, many of which have been off-limits to Premier Drinks. This lack of access has put a dent in the sales ?gures of Premier Drinks, and the company is now seeking guidance from Enhanced Analytics as to how to proceed. The executive team of Enhanced Analytics, led by the CEO, will be meeting to review options, next week. In your own words, prepare a report for the company’s executives, containing the following sections (do not worry about being right or wrong; simply offer your perspective on the company’s situation and your recommendation): 1. Situation analysis – an overview of the client’s business and the competitive landscape in the soft drink industry in Bulgaria (if you are unable to locate country-speci?c data, you may research the Eastern European market or the European Union, as a whole) 2. Problem Identi?cation – in one or two paragraphs, clearly identify the problem faced by your client 3. Decision Options – an outline of 4 speci?c courses of action / decisions that your client can make to solve the problem. The purpose of this section is to get a clear overview of the options available to management. Because the company has limited resources, management will have to pick the best option 4. Decision – a clear recommendation, outlining which one of the 4 options is the best 5. Justi?cation – a clear, concise justi?cation of your decision from #4 Include outside research to support your ideas and recommendation. There is no page limit to this assignment. The assignment will be considered well-done if it contains all the required sections, if it is clearly written and your thoughts and ideas are supported by speci?c data and research.

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