Earthquake : Northridge on 1994

Instructions: Your group will be assigned a specific Earthquake event in which you will do some research on that earthquake. Your group will then compile a short 10 min PowerPoint presentation on that earthquake.

Groups will be made up of 3-4 people; equal work is expected throughout the course of this project, and all members are expected to present.

Content I will be looking for:

· Magnitude of the Earthquake

· Map displaying the location of the earthquake

· Type of faulting (Be as specific as you can)

· Tectonic and Geologic Setting (eg. Plate boundary associated with the EQ etc.)

· Date (and if possible, time of EQ)

· Statistics of the quake (Deaths, injuries, Cost to rebuild etc.)

· What were some of the primary effects? Secondary effects? (For example, did liquefaction occur, any earthquake induced landslides, Tsunami etc.)

· Where there any notable offsets? Surface ruptures? Fault Scarps? (Explain the geomorphology)

· Seismology = Can you find any seismograms recorded for your earthquake?

· Is there a paleoearthquake record on this strand/fault? (Not all fault will have one).

· Find any shaking/modified Mercalli maps for the earthquake? How much gravitational acceleration was observed? What number was the earthquake on the Modified Mercalli Scale?

It is important to make sure your presentation flows well. To do well, you want to start off with an Introduction to your earthquake, then transition into the geologic/tectonic setting of your earthquake. Be sure to go over all the details that you can provide but staying within the 10-minute mark.

As always, I encourage you to ask questions if something is not clear. I will also be available to meet with your group and provide some advice and insight if need be.

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