Hurricanes – The Project Over the past decade, there have been several hurricanes that have been noteworthy. These include the:

• 2005 Hurricane Katrina • 2008 Hurricane Ike • 2012 Hurricane Sandy • 2016 Hurricane Matthew

For one of these events, produce a very brief (about ~150 word) news report. The report should focus on a single aspect of the event that makes it noteworthy. Ask yourself what is the one, single most important aspect of this event, and make that the focus of your report. Your report should take the format of a news article, similar to one that might be found in a university newspaper. You will need to be very concise and succinct in order to do this topic justice. Go over past feedback, especially the feedback on your similar Earthquakes Project. Remember to include works cited/bibliography at the end for anything that you cite. DUE Thursday, June 6th, in class, on paper

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