Is it possible for anyone to help me program this in r?

SIA THE Winter allyIt Report !1 = Ljut Lander , Marti S" by &: “gun .RX Plepart II* THE* & Markdaren to create an kind document .`* Code should not be in the body of the text, ` he sure to add acha = FALSE in the protect &` your A chunk All codeshould be included at the end of the homework , is an appendix1_ Simulate a binomial random unable . Consider & clay with Ell students, and the probability that a student does notturn in a homerun’ is O. I’l li "buzz"I_ Amount all students are independent if all other students, and the probability*` ) Lee marple to simulate drawing fill students who wither do. in do not , turn in their homework , and then find thew` ( out of Elly with did not turn in their kennewick. I’m should return one number .` = total # at student^of fill who did not turn in their homework .`^ Hypat Ia; Itmany times Iyou should have Itamong rah` for "number Of our“" at ^. plat a histogram of workwasn’t I’d’s nut print out the Logging "alumall;_ For the particular binomial distribution , & the distributionsymmetric ? Explain .*I’ll Find the average of the number of me` in fill trial and the standard deviation based on your simulation from`I’d ; Estimate the probability that all students turned in their homezack hand on your simulation from Ibj .“ Estimate the probability that at least four students did not turn in their home nur’s hand in your simulation frizzwant ^ .It! What is the median number of students who will forget their humour’ based on your simulation from {}?"!1 _ Simulate a`catin Hinomial random variable . Consider that Are of people Buur glasses for near-sightednu“` L“ & to simulate collecting random wigle until & are selected Bear claw“ Return and the number of people it^ Hepcat (al zain’t times, Is that you should have aain’t what It haz mary wigle were Buri ^ected until & Bric`glam . I’m not print out there Hailumy!’ ! Plot is histogram of them slums .*’s ) Find the median of the mutter from Phil .`I’d ) Find the mean and standard deviation of your nectar from [by ] .“ Find the probability we had to dangle more than I’l people before we found ; that we`he’d glaz“IFI Find the probability that if it takes more than I’d people, it will an additional & to find & that Hurt Eliz`

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