Geography of Bliss Travel Journal Instructions

The purpose of this assignment is to illustrate your ability to apply the book, The Geography of Bliss by Eric Weiner, to themes, concepts, and topics that you’ve learned about in the Human Geography course.

Choose 5 chapters/places from The Geography of Bliss. For each of the 5 chapters you should have:

· 1 photograph or map of a place visited or discussed in that particular chapter.

· 1 quote from The Geography of Bliss about the place you have chosen to illustrate with a photograph or map. Be sure to include the page number where the quote can be found.

· A 100-word (minimum) paragraph of how some aspect of the chapter relates to a theme, concept, or topic you have learned about in class this semester. This is the most important component of the Travel Journal so make sure that your connection to class material (specific term, concept, theme, etc.) is clearly stated in the paragraph.

· The paragraphs should consist entirely of your own words and thoughts. Remember the college policy on cheating & plagiarism (see syllabus).

· All of the information for each individual chapter (photo/map, quote, paragraph) should be included on 1 page. There will be 5 of these pages.

Other instructions and guidelines:

· In addition to the 5 chapter pages (described above), your Travel Journal should have 2 other pages:

· A title page – featuring the title of the assignment, due date, class (with section number), and your name.

· A reference page – attached to the end of your assignment indicating your sources.

· Most of these sources will pertain to your photos/maps. Be sure to include the full web address for your images if you use online images, not just ‘Google Images,’ etc. If you acquire your images from a source such as a newspaper or magazine make sure to include the appropriate bibliographic information. If you use your own personal photographs, list as “photograph by author” along with the place and approximate date that the picture was taken.

· I recommend using Google Images to search for pictures and/or maps:

· The Geography of Bliss should be included on your reference page.

· If you use information from the Fouberg textbook, lecture notes, film guides, or any other sources, these all need to be included on the reference page.

· If you need to know how to do your works cited page, use this link for reference. It provides examples for books, academic journal articles, newspapers, and websites: If you are more comfortable using another style like APA or MLA feel free to use that.

· As always, pay attention to spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

File formatting and submitting:

· I prefer that you submit your assignment electronically via the designated place on Blackboard. Your assignment must be submitted as a MS Word .doc/.docx file, .rtf., .pdf, or Powerpoint (.ppt file). I am unable to read .odt or .wps files on my computer.

· If you are unable to submit your file in one of the above formats, printing it out and bringing it to me is also fine.

· You also have the option of submitting the assignment in a Google Map format. If you’d like to do that, watch this video:

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